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Thank you for your interest in donating to the Lafayette Habitat for Humanity ReStore! Your donations help supply the ReStore with furniture, appliances, home decor and building materials, which we sell to the public at a deep discount. All proceeds from the ReStore support Habitat for Humanity’s home building program. Please complete the online form to request a pick-up for items. The Lafayette ReStore typically picks up donations in Lafayette Parish. If you have a question about your donation location or any other questions about donations, please give our Donation Hotline a call at (337) 371- 6030. Not sure if the ReStore can take your item? Visit our donate page for a full list of items we’re able to accept. Please note that all items must be in working order and include all necessary parts.

Once your pick-up request is received, a ReStore representative will contact you within 1-2 business days regarding your request.

Please complete the form in its entirety. 

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Items We Cannot Take
Electronics, Dishwashers, Paint and Household Chemicals, Mattresses, Box Springs, 10+ years Appliances, Clothing, Fluorescent Lighting, Unframed Glass or Mirrors

By submitting my donation pick-up request to the Lafayette Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I verify that I: am donating an item that the Lafayette ReStore can accept; my donation is in working order and has all necessary parts; my donation is on ground level and is easily accessible to ReStore staff. If it determined that one or more of these statements do not apply to my donation, I understand that the Lafayette ReStore will be unable to accept my donation.

Thank you for your submission!